FIF15 Ultimate team chemistry tips

  • How to build a team with good chemistry on FIF15 Ultimate team?Here are some tips which would help you save more FIFA coins.

    For those who still feel a little disorientated, we will give a few tips about how to build a team with good chemistry in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

    In the first place, it’s convenient for us to define what is this “good chemistry” thing. For us, a team with a very good chemistry is one that has all individual chemistries of 10. It’s obvious that it’s not always possible to build our dream team full of individual chemistries of 10 but we should try to make them never lower than 7.

    Avoid to use players with individual chemistries lower than 7
    Unless you’re already an expert on this, the first step is to define what the players will have in common. We need them to have at least weak connections, since the most normal is for us to be based in a nationality or in a league to build our team.
    A team that has all the players from the same league or from the same nationality, will have a very good chemistry, since the players are in their natural positions. According to our table, all of them will get, at least, individual chemistry of 9. It will be enough to have a manager of that league or nationality to get the higher chemistry possible.

    We shouldn’t forget to save FIFA 15 coins to invest on the chemistry. As it was already said, the players’ positioning may be corrected in most of the times if we have a budget for that. Having all players playing in their natural positions represents half way gone.

    One of the tricks for being able to build this team is knowing how to plan it before we start. Just having a general idea is not quite enough because we can start buying players and realize at the end that we don’t have enough connections.
    So, if we already chose what our players will have in common, it’s time to visualize what we intend to do for our team. To draw a scratch or to use a squad builder kind of application, seems to be a good move.

    If you already built a team with good connections between players and with players in their natural positions, you already made the most difficult part. The easiest chemistry points are given by the active manager and by the loyalty. Ensure that the nationality and the league of the manager are well represented among the players with lower chemistry and, if you are not using players who you got in packs, try to reaches ten games as soon as possible to benefit from the two extra points.

    If you did everything we said here then we guarantee you that the chemistry of your team will be the maximum possible.

    If your plan is to build a hybrid squad with high chemistry, take a look to our special techniques here.

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